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There are many types of decks with varied functions. Often times we limit decks to being the extended entertaining area off the den or living room to the private deck outside of a bedroom. But, decks do not have to be connected to the house. SEA Construciton & Landscape can build your dream deck or create a deck on which to dream. Are you in the Hoover, Alabama area? Call us to build your deck (205) 835-5111!

Decks can built anywhere on the lot. A low platform deck is much like a patio. It may be open with no rails or steps or it could have privacy screening. Elevated decks may have a variety of levels with work or storage space beneath depending on the deck height.

Planning a deck

Building a deck is usually easier construction project because you don't have to deal with any difficulties associated with projects inside of the house - installing wiring, plumbing and so on. A deck expends your living space and increase your house value for fraction of what it would cost to build an house addition.

Designing a deck

There are several types of decisions common to every deck project. Although most decks are simply platforms raised above the yard, they are an extension of the house. Considering the connected inside and outside space as one unit, deck addition are likely to be most useful when added onto living or family rooms and kitchen/dining areas. Because wooden deks are exposed to the elements year-round, the wood must have weather-resisting characteristics built in or brushed on.

Deck Levels

Most decks have four structural levels in Birmingham metro Area. From the top down they are: the surface, the joists, usually set 16 inches on center at richt angles to the surface boards, one or more beams sucha as a 4x10 at at right angles to and supporting the joists, and posts or piers.

Because it ties into the house, it should be built even with or a few inches below the house floor.

Drawing Your Design

A few drawings will help you to make better decision which type of your deck you want. It will also help your contractor to help to understand how to design the real draft.


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