Viking Pools- Modern Freeform Swimming Pool Designs

Modern Freeform Swimming Pool Designs by Viking Pools

Welcome to SEA Pools and Construction, your trusted provider of Viking Pools' modern freeform swimming pool designs in Birmingham, AL. We're here to bring the perfect balance of artistic flair and functional design to your backyard.

Explore these innovative pool designs:


The Aruba design encapsulates a sense of freedom and fluidity. Its freeform design is an ode to the beautiful island, offering a unique, natural feel.


Inspired by the laid-back Californian beach town, the Malibu design is all about relaxation and comfort. Its freeform design creates a serene and inviting swimming environment.


Channel the tropical paradise of Fiji with this pool design. It blends soft, rounded contours with ample swimming space for a truly immersive experience.


Bermuda design offers a modern, innovative shape that can turn any backyard into a luxurious retreat.


These designs capture the essence of an idyllic lagoon. The Laguna and Laguna Deluxe offer sweeping, organic shapes that mimic the natural elegance of a tranquil coastal lagoon.

Laguna Deluxe


The Cancun and Cancun Deluxe designs are a nod to the popular Mexican resort city. Their freeform shapes and expansive swim areas create a fun and relaxing environment.

Cancun Deluxe


The Caribbean design provides a unique and stylish swim area, reminiscent of the beautiful islands it is named after.


Venice design brings the charm of the Italian city to your backyard. Its freeform design reflects the city's winding canals and elegant architecture.

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