Cost of Gunite Pool Installation in Birmingham Al

Gunite Pool Price Is $80,000 in Birmingham, Al

The following information is the average building cost in Birmingham, AL for a common size gunite pool (15' x 30', 3' in shallow, 6' deep end). The information provides the actual contractor's building cost and also how much does a contractor usually charges a customer to build this pool. 

Break Down Of All Gunite Pool Installation Cost

City Permit

Every new pool needs a permit, the cheapest way is when the homeowner applies for the permit by his own. It is about $100-$250, depends on a city. If we pull a permit, it will be around $500.

Pool Excavating Costs

An excavator and operator are required to dig the hole for the pool. A skidsteer and an operator is needed to handle the dirt from the hole. The dirt needs to be spread around the customer's property or loaded up on a dump truck and hauled away.

We always need an excavator, an excavator operator to dig a whole for the poole. We also need a skidsteer and a skidsteer operator to spread the dirt around customer's property or load it up on a dumb truck and haul it away.

One day of service for an excavator is $600 and the operator is an additional $300. We charge an average of $2500 for digging services while other Birmingham contractors charge $5000. One week of renting a skid steer is about $1000 plus an operator is $500. We charge $3000, average for other Birmingham contractors is $5000.If you want the dirt hauled away, usually about 6 trucks, each truckload costs $400. We charge $500, other Birmingham contractors charge $600 per truck load.

Gunite Pool Framing Costs

We frame the entire pool. First step is to box out the pool, we install plywood all the way around. We put 2x4 into ground and screw the plywood to it. Then we install half inch metal rebar on the walls and floor. I would like to emphasize that we install extremely tight rebar frame, we put each rebar 6’ a part. Then you see only 6” sq holes. We installed 57 gravel on the bottom of the pool, below the rebar.

All material cost is $3000, we charge $6000. Labor costs is about $3000, we charge $6000.

Gunite Pool Plumbing Installation Costs

We install one skimmer, two drains, 2’ pvc pipes, pool pump.

Material and labor is $3500, we charge $5500. 

Power for Gunite Pool Costs

Power for pool pump and light - We charge $2500 for licensed electrician with permit, average Birmingham contractor charges $4500 plus the pool light cost of $500.

Power for Gunite Pool Costs

  • Power for pulmp pump and light - We charge $2500 for a licenced electrician with a permit, avg Birmingham contractor charges $4500 plus. 
  • LED Pool light cost is $500. 

Pressure valve

If water level around the pool bottom rises, our pools have pressure valve which opens and drains out.

Gas Heater Installation Costs

  • Gas guy charges $5500 with permit

Pouring Sack Creek

We pour sackreek 12” on the walls, 6” on the floor for the gunite pool shell.

  • Material and labor is $6000.
  • A guy with a concrete pump is $4000

Coping Installation Costs

  • white porlan cement 12” - Material $500, $1300

Plaster Installation Costs

  • Material Diamond Brite French $3500, Labor $3000

Deck installation

Usuall pool deck is about 6'.

  • Travertine or paver material $4800, bell guard paver $7 per sq ft, labor $4800.
  • Concrete $4800.

 Our Gunite Pools Come with

  • 3 years warranty for labor, avg Birmingham pool builder offers only 1 year. 
  • Polaris cleaner with extra suction pump.
  • Poll with a net and a brush.



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