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Welcome to SEA Pools and Construction, Birmingham's premier swimming pool installation company. We are proud to introduce our range of Viking Pools - Custom Swimming Pool Designs that promise a spectacular blend of comfort, style, and durability. With our trusted services, homeowners in Birmingham, Alabama, can enjoy the luxurious Viking pool experience right in their backyard.

Let's explore these unique designs


Inspired by the serene beauty of Baja California, this design brings the charm of beachside leisure to your backyard. Its unique shape promises fun for all ages.


Named after the quaint California city, the Carmel design offers a modern rectangular shape with smooth edges. Ideal for those seeking a timeless style.


This design captures the allure of the Mediterranean region. With its elegant curves and expansive swim area, it's perfect for those seeking a grand statement.


Reflecting the strength of the mythical sea god, the Triton design offers an enduring pool with a beautiful oval shape. Great for both relaxation and recreational swimming.


Much like the Greek God of the Sea, the Poseidon design commands attention. Its innovative layout, with optional built-in features, offers a unique swimming experience.


Inspired by the enchanting Caribbean island, the Trinidad design brings the joy of a beach vacation to your home. Its attractive freeform design is perfect for a tropical-themed backyard.

For more details on each design or for a free pool installation estimate, call us at (205) 835-5111. Trust SEA Pools and Construction to transform your backyard into a personal oasis with our Viking Pools custom swimming pool designs.


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