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Are you looking for someone to install pavers in the Hoover, Birmingham, Alabama area? Selecting a paver installer can be a difficult decision because there are many companies claiming paver installation experience. It may take a few years to find out you hired the wrong installer. SEA Construction & Landscape has the experience and does paver installation correctly the first time. We are professionals and have been installing pavers for 20 plus years. Let us give you a free estimate (205) 835-5111.

History of Paver Installation

The concept of laying pavers is not new. In fact, it is a really old practice, with the first evidence of paver use pointing back to 5000 B. C.
Why did people fall in love with paving stones? Pavers were originally intended primarily for large areas, such as streets, squares, and pedestrian zones. There is no way to know who the first person to use pavers at a residential home was, but today we can see pavers being used everywhere. And the reasons?

Pavers As A Smart Investment

Pavers are more expensive than concrete or asphalt, but the installation is fast. It is sufficiently durable. Originally pavers were used for large areas such as streets with heavy cars and trucks. It is very durable. Today it is also used for its aesthetic appeal and practical characteristics for backyard projects such as patios and walking trails. Pavers offer a large number of different shapes and sizes and color combinations. The design layout is limitless with so many different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Advantage of Paver Installation

  • Many patterns and designs
  • Pavers increase the value of any property
  • Fast Installation
  • Extremely durable
  • Simple and inexpensive repairs
  • Low maintenance
  • Flexibility

The great advantage of using pavers is the possibility and ease of dismantling and reassembly. For example, if there is a need to lay a new pipe, electric cable, etc. in the ground, pavers are easily removed and reinstalled with minimal cost.

Installing pavers is a quick process for professional layers. We place one tile next to the other on the lock, this holds perfectly thanks to the lock joint. Price and functionality are underlined by very high material strength, excellent resistance to abrasion and weathering (especially frost resistance), almost maintenance-free and complete hygienic safety. 

Disadvantage of Pavers

  • Higher upfront cost
  • Weed grows through pavers
  • Dishonest installers – well-installed pavers will last forever and higher upfront cost will pay off later. If the pavers are installed by professionals, there should be no problems. If you let just anyone install your pavers, you may be dealing with someone who is less than honest about their expertise and experience. In this case, the question is not if you will have problems, but when. 

Pavers Installation Price/Costs

Price of each paver installation depends on several factors:

  • Price of the pavers
  • Project type, size
  • Existing conditions
  • Access for our workers
  • New Installation vs Demo of the old one
  • Hauling Away – distance to a dump
  • Soil Condition

Everyone wants to know at least a ballpark price. If the conditions are “perfect” and we have easy access to the project, we charge $7 per square foot for labor plus material.

Example Of Paver Installation Costs

Here is an example of how much we charged for installing 35,000 sq feet of pavers. We charged $20,000 for labor, customer provided material -

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