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Elevate your relaxation experiences with Blue Hawaiian Spa Designs by SEA Pools and Construction. We are Birmingham, AL's premier installer of personalized, luxurious spas that bring a touch of tranquility to your backyard.

The highlights of our Blue Hawaiian Spa Designs are:


Our Ewa design embodies the calm and beauty of its Hawaiian namesake, offering a serene spa experience.


The Hilo design captures the lush greenery and waterfalls of Hilo, Hawaii, creating a spa atmosphere filled with tranquility.


Inspired by the untouched beauty of Maui's Hana, our Hana design provides a secluded and peaceful spa retreat.


The Kona design brings the spirit of Hawaii's vibrant west coast to your backyard, offering a relaxing spa experience.


Our Manoa design is inspired by the verdant valleys of Manoa, providing a lush spa experience right in your backyard.


The Kula design brings the tranquility of Maui's upcountry region to your home, creating a soothing spa retreat.


Our Molokai design captures the untouched, serene environment of Molokai, Hawaii, providing an idyllic spa escape.

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