Swimming pool cost in Birmingham Al

How much does a swimming pool cost in Birmingham Al

Like other Alabama cities, Birmingham has long and hot summers with temperatures rising into the 90s, sometimes even higher. Having a swimming pool in the backyard makes summer a little more bearable and even enjoyable.

  • Gunite Pool 16x30 starts at $60,000
  • Vinyl Pool 16x30 starts at $30,000
  • Fiberglass Pool starts at $50,000

Before You Call Your Swimming Pool Contractor

We are a completely honest and up front company, we think you should carefully consider the investment of time and money before becoming pool owners.

Lots of companies post misleading and even false statements about pool ownership on their websites. Statements like "swimming pools add value to your property" or "you will get plenty of use of your swimming pool in the summer" are not entirely true.

For example, in reality a pool adds minimal value to your property. A $60,000 fiberglass pool adds only about $15,000 to your home's value.

Lots of people in the market to buy a house don't want a swimming pool. A swimming pool is a luxury item. It increases your home owner's insurance. The initial cost to build a pool the correct way is expensive. Then it costs money to maintain it. Like everything at your house, it needs to be repaired once in awhile and after years a full renovation may be needed. It is not cheap!

"You will get plenty of use." We know lots of customers who don't spend much time at the pool after a couple of years. The newness and excitement wears off. The kids move on to different interest as they get older or just grow bored with it. Usually the only folks that don't get tired of swimming in your pool is the neighbors.

So, please consider these misconceptions before you invest in a new swimmming pool. Understanding the realities of pool ownership now leaves little room for disappointment in the future.

How much does it cost to build an inground swimming pool?

Pricing a pool construction at anyone's backyard is different case by case. The best way to explain costs of entire pool construction are Cost Factors.

  • Swimming Pool Construction Cost Factors
    • Size
    • Shape
    • Backyard Accessibility
    • Material - Vinyl, Concrete or Fiberglass
    • Pool Accessories
    • Pool Deck
    • Water Features
    • Pool Fence

Pool Size Cost Factor

Pool depth, width and length are one of the most important pool construction factor. 

  • 16x30 vinyl liner pool with a concrete deck $33,000, 20x40 -$40,000
  • 16x30 gunite pool with a concrete deck $60,000, 20x40 - $70,000
  • 16x30 fiberglass pool with a concrete deck $ 50,000, 20x40 - $60,000

Pool Shape Cost Factor

The cheapest pool shape will always be a rectangle. 

  • Vinyl Pool 16x30 with a concrete deck $33,000, kidney shape $35,000
  • Gunite Pool 16x30 with a concrete deck $60,000, kidney shape $65,000
  • Fiberglas Pool 16x30 with a concrete deck $50,000, kidney shape $52,000

Backyard Accesability

This is another variable cost factor. Some backyards are difficult to access, there is only narrow path, we can't have a concrete truck back up all the way next to the pool. We have to hire a concrete pump which is extra $5000 a day. We have add this extra expense to the total price of the pool.

Pool Shell Material

Pool shell is the main cost factor. Vinyl liner pool is the least expensive, Gunite Pool is the most expensive.

Pool Accessories

  • Heat Pumps
  • Pool Vacuums
  • Diving Boards
  • Pool Slides
  • Ladders And Handrails
  • Pool Covers
  • Pool Lighting
  • Pool Enclosures
  • Pool Toys

Pool Deck

  • Concrete Pool Deck - 288 sq ft of 4.5" thick concrete deck $3,600.  
  • Travertine Pool Deck - $7,200

Water Features

There is litteraly no limit for water features. Pool benches, tanning ledges, slides, water falls and much more.


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